Monday, July 20, 2009

"Read My Lips, Clip Those Lists"

Crazy how many baby, parenting, expectant mother books and magazines I have lying around my house. I used to go straight to my bookshelf and grab hold of my next favorite novel, but now all I want to do is read baby books. There is a ton of information out there, but the one thing that I’ve been obsessing over lately are LISTS. Yes that’s right, LISTS. You can read chapter after chapter about what to expect when the little one arrives, or how best to prepare for their arrival, but nothing has proven to be more helpful than a good old fashion “To Do”, “To Buy” or “To Bring” list.

The first list I received was from my sister, as soon as I told her I was 8 weeks pregnant. She had just gone through the experience of becoming a first time mom and had a ton of things to recommend bringing with and taking from the hospital (believe me, there is a lot of great FREE stuff they give you or that you need to ask for that’s yours to keep). I found the list immensely helpful. I’ve had it in my hospital bag since, and every now and again I pull it out and read it over to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Have you ever read through a Parenting magazine front to back? It’s nothing but helpful lists, anywhere from “Food for Baby’s First Year”, to “Your Baby's Poop” (or my favorite version, poop, decoded!)
to “Infant First Aid: how to prevent and soothe bumps, cuts, burns and more” to “What you need to know as you make the leap from bottles to bananas” to “Breastfeeding tips 101” to “Getting through colic without going crazy” (easier said than done right?) and so on... I guess they realize that a mom has very little time to spare, so having a short list to reference on your fridge makes it a bit easier… They have become my go to references, especially since I’m a bit freaked out about being responsible for another human being other than myself. I guess it’s every first mother’s worry – but we all get through it eventually right?

So hear me out expectant moms and new moms, my recommendation to you is to stop wasting time only clipping coupons for baby stuff (it has become my second obsession after lists) & start clipping those lists. They will be really helpful when you’re alone at home and asking yourself why the heck is my baby’s poo black?

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